Important info for drivers!


Please read this!

It's Quali day time! As we have many newcomers, below you will find bunch of useful info:

I. Yesterday we released Assetto Corsa app with start lights that will be used in Season nine. Hope you're gonna like this idea!

1. Download it: (link)

2. Unpack it here:

3. Make sure it's active in CM, as it is here:

4. Open app in-game and place it wherever you want on your screen!

II. During Quali (and Top48) called driver drive two runs, one after another. After 1st run you HAVE TO drive back to the start line using track layout. Using teleport (or back-to-pits) will be counted as a 0 points for 2nd run!

MAKE SURE to delete "" from track files before Competition!!!

If you get penalty for driving backwards, IT WILL ALSO BE COUNTED AS A 0 POINTS.

III. Check #Competition tab at Discord. Make sure to join with your Quali group. We will not be coming back to previous groups. Don't forget about late group, but not overuse it.