Step by Step


or how to join DCGP Comp in short steps and how it works.

Things about game, mods, rulebook and other stuff you find in our FAQ:

Suggest reading it before this text.

Most known things:

– Checksum failed – you have old cars/track. Delete old, download new, unpack it, enjoy.
– Race cancelled – you did not install your shaders correctly (shader files are in car pack or download it through Content Manager)
– Loading stuck at certain car – you did not install this car properly
– PIT Penalty and then kick from server – Take your from ai folder (at this track folder)

When is next round?

How you teleport to pits? or just bind in Content manager.


We only allow our cars and tracks during competition.

Changes in game files = checksum (you will be kicked from server).

You can only change car setup in pits.

While installing new updates ALWAYS DELETE OLD ONES BEFORE!

Unpacked tracks install here:


Unpacked cars install here:


You can make your private skin and compete with it during Quali and tandem battles.

All info here: Click here!


I cannot add my skin to ROS side because [enter reason]. What can I do?

– Make sure that:

1. Pack your skin files directly into .zip without any subfolders.

2. Skin files are named correctly – f.e., livery.png, preview.jpg.

3. Name of .zip file does not contain any dots “.”.

4. Your skin files are not over weight limits – 20mb unpacked, 10mb packed.

5. Your files are in max resolution 2048×2048.


Can I start with my own car?

– No. Cars needs to have equal chance of winning.

How can I do my skin? My program doesn’t work.

– You can do it in good graphic editor (Photoshop, GIMP etc.). Remember about .dds plugin! If your editor does not work we won’t help you because we are not software devs, use GIMP instead (it’s free and simple).

What about windscreen?

– Don’t worry about it. You don’t need to add it manually. Important thing with personal skins: Do not change windscreen! All cars needs to have DCGP windscreen!


We carry registration using ROS platform.

How to:

1. Login to ROS website through your Steam profile (‘Sign in’ at the top right of ROS site).

2. Join to DCGP Season [link].

3. When joining you need to write your REAL name and surname using English alphabet without any tags or additional signs. REMEMBER, this HAS TO BE your in-game nickname later on.

4. Sign up for Round. Pay entry fee.

5. Now you’re ready to join Qualification.


Can I still join you?

– Yes you can join. Registration is only for one round not whole season. You need to fill it before every round.

Will I receive any confirmation on my e-mail?

– No, you won’t receive anything on your e-mail. Be conscious while filling it.

Can I change car after I joined?

– Yes, we allow that. BUT, you need to do that to Sunday before Competition.

I did a mistake filling my form. Do I need to fill it again?

– No! Never send form 2x times or more. When something is not right, write us PM and we will solve it.


As whole DCGP team live in Poland we are using Polish time.

At ROS site you can change your time zone.


What time is it right now?

– UTC time:

How can I check what will be exact hour in my place? (just change the date and add your city)


Day: Tuesday/ Monday+Tuesday if it is more than 80 drivers registered.

Time: 4.00 pm Monday 7.00 pm Tuesday Polish time.

As we will be using personal skins during Quali, there will be no option to join it with different group.

That means drivers can join Quali only with their groups.

Every driver has 2 runs.

One after another. NO BACK TO PITS AFTER EACH RUN!

Quali is carried in 10 players group (A, B, C, D …)

Only them can be connected during event time. (+judges/staff/broadcasters).

NEVER connect when drivers are at the track, doing their runs. Lag spikes can destroy wonderful run. Connecting is possible ONLY when judge wrote at #event_info (discord) about group change.

You can be late, but not later that last guy at the list.

After last group we will do a definitive group for guys that were late for their groups. They will not have their personal skins.


My cat is ill, I will be late, can I still go?

– Yes, but before last guy from the entry list. If you’re late for your group, we are doing “late group” for all guys that were late.

Can I watch other drivers doing Quali runs?

– Only if you’re waiting for your turn. After your runs you need to disconnect asap.

When is going to be next group?

– When judge write it at #event_info.

Event day

We divided our top48 bracket into groups (A, B, C …) – Only one group can be connected at the time. Judges write at #event_info (discord) which group is live. Join server shortly after this info. Never join when someone is driving at the track.

First we go with left side, then after server restart, right side of top48 bracket. We also do restart before top32 and top16. (Cause of private skins server setting)

If someone is missing after group A or B = Bye run for opponent. Same for C or D.

To get the win driver who is present need to go to the start line and do his solo run.


Will there be a livestream?

– Yes, it will. With English commentary.

I’m from left side, but I will be late, could you guys go with my battle later with right side?

– No, we can’t. We can’t be waiting forever.

I lost my battle and I’m crying at all social medias I can, why judges did not watch my run 88 times from thousand angles?

– Remember, if you are not happy with judges verdict, you can go with official protest as it is in rulebook: