Skins info

Skins info
At summer season you will have possibility to show your style and make your own skin!
Personal skins will be used during Main Event (top32) and ProAm.
We will be doing one skin update before each round!
Most likely at the same day as Competition.
Skin sent after update time will be added before next round.
*Skins from last season were removed, so all of you need to SEND YOUR SKIN ONCE AGAIN!*
[It is very important to follow this simple steps. Skins that are not send as it is written bellow *WILL NOT* be added to skin update!]
> Skin cannot contain any +18 content (so no nudity, vulgar or racism pictures/texts).
1. Name your skin folder as your Name and Surname from registration form!
Like this:
„Takumi Fujiwara”
[Name Surname]
> If you have as many names as Pablo Picasso, use the same as in registration and in game!
Do not use whole names [Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso] or only parts you choose freely [Diego Ruiz]!
This season we *will not* be guessing who is „TyreDestroyer69”!
Also we do not care if this design is called „Black and yellow dolphin with flames and bombs everywhere 9000 v3”.
2. Finished skin (google drive link, or attached .rar file) send to an email:
Name your email title:
„Takumi Fujiwara – AE86 skin”
[Name Surname – <car> skin]
This season we *will not* be guessing if the skin is for BMW or for Drift Lorry.
We won’t be accepting any other hosts or strange file formats!
3. If you would like to add your skin to „random” skins that will be used by all drivers during trainings, Quali, Main Event and ProAm add to your email this line:
„I agree for using my car skin during DCGP events and trainings.”
Have fun and see you at the track!
PS. I was not joking about not adding car skins that are not made and send as in description above! 🙂