Season 8 was a fierce fight to the end, like in a movie script!

13 drivers had a mathematical chance to win a general standings before the final round, and the title fight continued until the last battle, that honored 2 incredible drifters characterized by great consistency and skill right from the beginning!

Congratulations to Wojciech Wawryka – our NEW DCGP  SEASON 8 CHAMP!
Second place goes to Darius Ostreika, who delivered a brilliant fight against Wojciech in the final.
Third place Piotr Polinkiewicz, who boosted surprisingly from 7th to 3rd in scoreboard and showed a lot of style in the final.

Congratulations to the best team of Season 8 Urta drift. In contrast to the individual classification, the Urta was unsurpassed!

Right now we will take a short break, then the 9th Season will see a daylight!

We have many plans in our minds that we hope to implement

…and a lot of great news to deliever!

Big thanks and much love to each and every one involved in S8! You guys are great! #dcgpteam

Last but not least, thanks to our Season 8 Sponsors! Make sure to check their social medias!
and Partners:
Republic of Simracers x VOSAN x Driftingowy Nerd x @DRIFT THE SHRIFT x Urta drift x @Adriel Machado
See ya at the track!
Peace out, #dcgp