Season 3 summary!

Season 3 summary!

Last week we finished our 3rd season of Drift Corner Grand Prix. It was amazing trip across Europe – visiting tracks from DMEC calendar just a week before irl competition.

Some facts:
We’ve had over 200 competitors registered from about 40 different countries, 79 of them earned points to get into general standings.

During this season our Facebook fan page grew up more than 25% of all likes and we gathered near 600 users at Discord server.

Our briefings were shown live at every DMEC round. Cars and tracks were used by professional DMEC drifters before each rounds, or even in pits (cheers Johannes Hountondji)! It would be right now very hard to count everyone using them, but we are all so grateful for your appreciation and we are glad to help y’all improving your drifting skills or simply having some fun during evenings.

And we ain’t gonna stop! ;D

TOP3 of this season:
1st place: Krzysztof Rypina
2nd place: Alan Hynes
3rd place: Erikas Jurkus
Congratulations! Hands down the best sim-drifters in the business!
Whole podium will be awarded with a gift from our sponsor SWAGier Custom Parts!

In this place we would like to say big thank you for all of our sponsors:
SimLine – for dedicated server – for 2 practice servers
SWAGier Custom Parts – for winner gifts

Also we would like to thank our partners
Driftingowy Nerd (dcgp t-shirt went across the Europe haha) and DRIFT Academy for all your help in promotion.
Most important one come at the end:
We would really like to thank Drift Masters Grand Prix for opportunity to recreate real competition in virtual world just a week before event!

What really matters? People. Cause without them it would not be possible to make anything. There were many guys involved and we remember about everyone, but here we would like to mention the most important ones.
Jakub Artur Kolodziejczyk – our judge
Gaétan Canot-Petitqueux and Roman Genuss – voice of our competition
Dominik Blajer – our live stream bus
Maciek Hałoń – aka Bob the track builder
Paweł Kowalik – website maker
And all of you drift fans! We are really proud to carry this comp with such an amazing community!

We can assure you that, you won’t be waiting long cause season 4 like Winter is coming!

Mateusz Dziedzic
Mateusz Kidawa
Krzysztof Rypina