I. Intro

1. Drift Corner Grand Prix (DCGP) is online drift competition held by using Republic of Simracers (ROS) online platform.

2. Owner of DCGP is „Avendi” Mateusz Dziedzic registered in Polish Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG), NIP number: 6811983123.

3. By registering on ROS webpage you confirm that you’re accepting the terms of their privacy policy [link].

4. Owner of ROS with their Administrators is responsible for running the competition online system (platform). Owner of DCGP with their Administrators is responsible for carrying out the in-game Competition.

5. Everyone is allowed to register in Competition. Participants that are less than 16 years old need to fill parent’s consent to sign up for the league [link].

II. General Regulations

1. Competition is organized in Assetto Corsa game for PC. Tracks and cars that are used during the Comp are made by friendly moders or modified with permission of it’s original creators. All credits go to them. Link for every track will be released before every round at the briefing.

2. To compete in DCGP, Drivers have to sign to ROS platform following simple steps. Name signed in platform HAS TO be the same as in game. Drivers with long (or many) names can be signed in shortened form.

3. In order to take part in each Round drivers have to pay entry fee through ROS platform.

4. Drivers are asked to listen Organizer’s messages at the in-game AC chat, Discord and Fanpage, so that Organizers can sucessfully and without bigger interruptions manage to carry the Competition.

5. Organizers kindly ask to use search engine at Discord server to prevent message flood during events.

III. Competition

1. 2021/2021 Season 8 contains 6 Rounds which are divided for 2/3 days [schedule]

a) Quali day – Tuesday (or Monday+Tuesday if number of drivers gets above 80),

b) Pro (Best 48 drivers from Quali) – Wednesday,

2. Each driver has to take part in Quali in order to take part in Pro battles.

3. Competition will be scored according to DCGP Rulebook by following judges: Mateusz Dziedzic (Main judge), Jakub Kołodziejczyk (Second judge).

4. Judges are scoring by themselves. Scores of quali runs will be typed and shown into ROS platform. Result of each tandem will be known by summing up individual Judges decisions. Each Judge can choose a driver which, in his eyes, was a winner or vote for OMT (one more time) in case of draw. If calls are hard to call, judges will try to explain the verdict at the in-game chat.

5. Points are awarded to the general classification according to the following formula: Quali: 1: 7p 2: 6p 3: 5p 4-8: 4p 9-16: 3p 17-32: 2p Top32: 1: 100p 2: 80p 3: 66p 4: 62p 5-8: 48p 9-16: 32p 17-32: 16p 33-48: 8p.

6. Winner of the season will be the driver with the highest number of points after all Rounds.

IV. Scoring

1. During competition DCGP is using Drift Masters European Championship Rulebook: [link]

2. Please keep in mind that there are some differences in virtual vs real competition.

3. Judges commands: – STOP! – stop wherever you are – RESTART! – go back to the start line and do your run one more time – WHEN YOU READY – judges are ready to score your Quali run, start Tandems: – READY? – be ready, run will start soon, – GO!

4. OMT rule. During DCGP Comp drivers can only have 2x OMT score. After that, higher driver from Quali take the win.

5. Blue line in the middle of the track is painted to avoid not fair play lead driver moves or going too wide with initiation flick. Chase driver can initiate how he/she wants, but it is not allowed to make a contact with the lead driver.

Initiation rules:

A) Lead driver cannot cross blue line painted in the middle of the track during initiation.

B) Chase driver can cross blue line but needs to take care about lead driver’s position)

C) Causing a contact at the initiation with lead driver = 10:0 Advantage for lead driver (0 mistake for chase driver) – this also apply to the tracks that don’t have blue line.

D) Crossing a blue line by lead driver = 1st time – Rerun, 2nd time – 10:0 advantage for chase driver (0 mistake for lead driver).

6. DCGP carry battles for 3rd place (Final B) before battle for 1st place (Final A).

7. Drivers cannot use back-to-pits. After first run, drivers have to go to the start line (by driving through the track) and start their second run. If someone use back-to-pits, next run is counted as a „0” score. Only exception: if something is broken after crash in the first run, they may ask judges for permission to use back-to-pits. In this case, 2nd driver is automatically allowed to use back-to-pits.

V. Teams

1. Drivers are able to create teams containing 2-4 players.

2. Each team should have similar custom painting.

3. Each driver from team can use different car from the pack, that you can change between rounds.

VI. Painting

1. Each driver can use custom painting during competition, which will be visible for others during Competition.

2. To add car painting, use ROS platform.

3. All info about S8 liveries [here].

VII. Prostests

1. Scores from Quali are not protestable.

2. Subjective areas of Judge’s score and decisions are not protestable.

3. Protest must be done only in case of an objective action that missed Judges eyes during scoring process (f.e. straightening out of driver, braking in Acceleration zone etc.).

4. Protest procedure Driver can begin ONLY IMMEDIATELY after announcement of FINAL tandem verdict (this is the moment when Judge write at the in-game chat who won the battle). It can be ONLY launched by writing at the in-game chat word “protest” with capability of writing a short reason of Driver’s protest in English.

5. It is FORBIDDEN to:

– Writing protest before announcement of final tandem score.

– Abusing of protest procedure without any reason.

– Anger, quarells.

– Vulgarity.

– Writing excessively long reasons.

Violation of mentioned above rules will result firstly with official warning and then even disqualification.

6. Examples of correct protest calls: “Protest, 1st run – lead was going straight” “Protest, 2nd run – contact unabled me to continue my run”

7. In case of protest, all Judges are watching run again (AC replay) and make a FINAL and BINDING DECISION.

IX. Outro

1. Please remember it is all about having fun and fair play rivalry! Good luck!

2. Organisators reserve the right to change the Rules in the event than an unforeseeable situation that undoubtedly require clarification.