Here comes the track for the second round of DCGP21 season.

To download this track please use ACEM app, made by Republic of Simracers (this is how to do it). That’s the easiest way to download every track and skins for the DCGP21 season!

If you want direct link – here it is.


Don’t forget about initiation rule we’ve created this season:


5. Blue line in the middle of the track is painted to avoid not fair play lead driver moves or going too wide with initiation flick. Chase driver can initiate how he/she wants, but it is not allowed to make a contact with the lead driver.

A) Lead driver cannot cross blue line painted in the middle of the track during initiation.

B) Chase driver can cross blue line but needs to take care about lead driver’s position)

C) Causing a contact at the initiation with lead driver = 10:0 Advantage for lead driver (0 mistake for chase driver)

D) Crossing a blue line by lead driver = 1st time – Rerun, 2nd time – 10:0 advantage for chase driver (0 mistake for lead driver).


Foto: warreng05 / Discord