R1 Blackwood Briefing


Above you can watch R1 Video Briefing!

Additional info:

  1. Whole Comp will be running at DCGP Main Event server.
  2. Password will be posted at our Discord.
  3. Groups – [link to spreadsheet] also today evening groups will be shown at ROS website!
  4. Schedule:
  • MONDAY – QUALI 1st day – START 7:00 pm POLISH TIME (CET).

Approx time:

Group A – 7:00 PM

Group B – 7:20 PM

Group C – 7:40 PM

Group D – 8:00 PM

Group E – 8:20 PM

Group F – 8:40 PM

Group G – 9:00 PM

Group H – 9:20 PM

  • TUESDAY – QUALI 2nd day – START 19:00 POLISH TIME (CET).

Approx time:

Group I – 7:00 PM

Group J – 7:20 PM

Group K – 7:40 PM

Group L – 8:00 PM

Group M – 8:20 PM

Group N – 8:40 PM

Group O – 9:00 PM

Group P – 9:20 PM


Don’t forget!:

  1. Drivers cannot use back-to-pits between runs! That means – after the first run drivers HAVE to drive backwards through the course. If someone use teleport between runs, judges will score it as a „0” for next run.
  2. Delete fastline.ai from „ai” track folder. If you forget to do so, while driving back through the course you will get penalty and then kicked out from server.
  3. Join server only with your group. Watch #quali tab at DCGP Discord for info which group is running right now.
  4. If you cannot join your group for whatever reason, we make „late” group at Monday and Tuesday after all groups. We will post an info at our Discord, where you have to write DM.
  5. After your run, please disconnect from server.

fot. Jamie Healy/Discord