DCGP 2021 Private Skins Info!

Here is the link to .rar file with all useful tools to make your own skin for the next DCGP season.
Also, through ext.config file you can take off spoilers and other stuff. You can find examples how it works in default skins from the car pack – f.e. red e36.
Attached file contains:
– All car templates in .psd files, where you can make each layer visible etc. (Remember you have to save skin file in .dds format to make it work in Assetto).
– Name tag format to edit and put into your skin (name, surname and flag).
– Exact placement of sponsor logos.
> As in previous season, skin weight have to be 20Mb unpacked and 10Mb packed.
> Changing logo placement is only possible exceptionally, when design of your skin will make logo not visible or similar cases.
> You can change logo colours to make it more visible with your skin design.
> As also in previous seasons, private skins cannot contain any +18 things or sensitive content. Mind the fact, that we also have younger drivers and viewers.
> Remember about ROS site file weight: 20MB unpacked, 10 MB packed.
Skins that will not follow above, will be not allowed to use during Comp.
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them via DM.