FAQ (Frequently asked questions):

0. Rulebook – we will be using DMEC Rulebook, minding virtual-reality differences: https://driftcornergp.com/rulebook/

1. What game?
Assetto Corsa.

2. How to join?
You need to have PC version of Assetto (don’t need any DLCs), wheel with Force Feedback and download our mods – cars and tracks.

3. How to sign up?
Through Republic of Simracers website.

4. Where can I find cars?
Car 3d models were made by third parties. DCGP got permission for using them in this Competition. Car physics were made to fit our Comp formula.
Click here!

5. Where can I find tracks?
Tracks will be posted before each round. Some of them are based on common tracks, some of them are built from the scratch.
Click here!

6. Discord
Use our discord for good communication during Rounds. Feel free to use voice chats. We don’t bite

7. Briefing
Please watch video briefing before each round. Check our posts for further info.

8. Servers:
Search by „dcgp” in Assetto search engine. During event day there will be one Main Event server and one Practice server. Main Event has a password that is only available for drivers (our Discord). Pracitice server is open 24/7 with no password (can be closed for short amount of time for testing, making videos etc.)

9. Instagram:

10. Steam Group: