DCGP Summer Season Car pack

DCGP Summer Season car pack download link (+UPDATE)!

Here is a new, fresh and summer ready car pack for ya!

Offseason preparations went well and we are ready to show it!

All cars have more horsepower (~650) with totally new dyno graphs that fits its stats.
All cars have more angle (not really one from forklift, but still more than we had).
Suspension changes.
More durable tires that are not overheating as fast as old ones to make double runs possible 
Some tweaks here and there.
All cars have tweaked setup, so they are ready to drift out of the box without any changes! (setup noobs friendly, myself counting )

What has been fixed?
– 3d models
– s14 collider bug
– height of some cars
– wider tires for better grip

New toys:

– e30 replica of Paweł Grosz 's Drift Patriot car! Made by Rafał KwaśniewskiWojtek Gąsawski!
– impreza sti replica of Team Orange D1GP car! Made by Magic-Oh-Daewith courtesy of Saad Al-enzy!
Thank you guys for allowing us to use your 3d models in DCGP! 

Off course, some minor fixes will come out in next days, but we are really confident that everything should be fine with them. We are dropping them, to make possible doing some skins for season etc. 

Big thanks go to:
Jakub Artur Kolodziejczyk – for countless hours in making engines characteristics from a scratch suspension work and setups tweaking. Hats off for this man!
Maciek Hałoń and @joaovitor.rohde – for 3d edition help!
Arek Haberka – new skins for cars!

Big thanks to:
Łukasz Jarecki for awesome 3d models
Jakub Artur Kolodziejczyk for more grip
@João Vitor Rohde for good looking ps13
Jeremy Cladt for some nice textures

1. Before you download it, remember to DELETE OLD CARS!
2. Unpack whole 'assettocorsa’ to your game folder.
Do it, because there is shaders upgrade inside it from RaceDepartment(Autor: Stereo) [link in description], without it cars struggle to work.
3. Enjoy!

Pssst, you can leave some feedback or share it 


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