DCGP Winter season car pack!
As always, first delete old ones, then install new ones.
What we’ve changed:
1. All cars have new upgraded colliders – that means no more problems with collisions etc. Also, now bumpers are more „flex” so you can scrap the walls with no worries.💥
2. We fixed rear camber bug exploit – you can right now only change it from 0 to +2. 🤓
3. Aristo. Big comeback of a big sedan! We fixed it, upgraded the physics (weight, steering angle, offset and some other stuff) and it is ready to ride with your whole family! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
4. 180sx. New model! It is right now more beautiful than ever <3
5. R34, C6. Say bye to your fellas… We remove them from pack because we don’t see any interest in this cars. Maybe they will come back, who knows… 🤔 Also, less cars means better for server setting.
6. PS13. We upgraded it a little with a new RB engine 😈
So, big thanks to all of guys that helped us with this update:
John Gray (Bikesnbimmers) for making colliders!
Kyle Woods for 180sx body!
Jeremy Cladt for help in edition and future ideas!
Maciek Hałoń for help in edition!
In the future we have plans to change the interior and fix some bugs in e92 and some other minor stuff in the rest of cars.
Car download link: *EDIT* (v2 update link)
Have fun!